Emmple (emperial) wrote,

At the movies

Whatever it was I was going to type about, let's shove it to next time.

This evening Ken and I went to see Half Nelson, a seriously good film.

But before that. Before that. We get to the cinema, who's in line in front of us? Edward James Olmos and jamie Bamber. From Battlestar Galactica. And there might have been more, but I must shamefully admit that I had a small geek moment and lost the ability to think so if there were, I didn't notice. They were seeing Hollywoodland, I think. This is the first time I can recall ever actually running into someone famous in a common place. I guess I should go outside more often, because wow. I hadn't been expecting that.

I need some more training before I can run into wonderful actors without getting all nervous and excited. I'm working on it. I didn't bother them, but I hope they enjoyed their movie.

As I mentioned, we saw Half Nelson. Very good movie. Highly recommended. Ryan Gosling = cute. (Actually, Jamie Bamber is as cute in real life as on TV, but really. I shouldn't be saying that. I should be professional and not a teenaged girl, you know?)

In other film news, tomorrow is the screening of our student films from my program. If you're in Vancouver and have nothing better to do tomorrow at 4:30pm, details are in my dA journal at http://emperial.deviantart.com

I don't really expect a turnout, I actually was intending on showing up to prevent them from screening my film. I still have some minor edits to do. Ach. I'm just too worried. Aaron reassured me somewhat, that's all I really needed, you know? A bit of reassurance. So I am screening the film. Just with trepidation.

Potential next time topics: everything I intended to talk about this time but didn't, and the effects of melatonin on art.
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