Emmple (emperial) wrote,

Lovely day

I just want to say, today was wonderful, thanks to everyone who made it so, dinner with family was lovely, TV was lovely, the SKIES, oh how I love Miami's skies... beautiful sunset, and beautiful clouds today in general. It rained, and I ran through it, and then it stopped, and it was so quiet on the way back...

And, of course... xxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxx xxxxxx! Fwee.

Not to mention some really funny stuff on Adult Swim this evening, including two MASH parodies. And did I mention four episodes of Quantum Leap on Scifi today? Ahh, Scott Bakula...

xxxxx-xxx xxxxxxxxx xx-xx-xxxx xxxx. ^^ x xxxxx xxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxx xx.
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