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[03 Jan 2009|06:22pm]
(Note: I am going to hell for using Google Translate, but oh well.)

As usual, Harry was missing the point. It was not why it was done, it was the way he did it. I told him so and he just shook his head in that "Ylaine knows so much and yet she knows nothing" way and I wanted to kick him. Hard. "I know what you're doing," I told Harry, "and it's going to stop."

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The Art of Speaking [28 Jul 2008|04:33am]

On one of her better days, when she could sit up and stay awake for long periods, Sylvia read to Grigorii, and it was like someone had turned on a light in his head. When Sylvia spoke, she did not merely recite sounds from a page, but instilled them with feeling and meaning, the way a good reader should. Listening to her was more akin to experiencing the story than when Grigorii recited passages.

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In the Library with the Feather Duster [26 Jul 2008|05:13pm]
In waist coat and suspenders, Daub pulled books from the highest of the shelves and handed them to Laceana, who gave the covers and pages a brief dusting before handing them back. They were an effective team for the moment, Daub's height compensating for Laceana's lack of, Laceana acting as sounding board for Daub's thoughts. "It would have been entirely masturbatory, dating her," he was saying, telling Laceana of his first date. "She was too much like me." He paused, Pride and Prejudice in hand. "But not as good a conversationalist."

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In the heart of the enemy [24 Jul 2008|09:14pm]
Kazu felt that now would be the time for him to move forward. Rolling onto his hands and knees, he reached out and placed an arm around her shoulders. He did not bother to say anything. There was nothing he could possible tell her that would change this situation or the way she felt at the moment. He merely slipped his arms around her, enveloping both her and the corpse she clutched. She cried but a minute. There wasn't time for more grief than that. Enemy soldiers would be there soon.

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Agrippina Arrives [12 Jul 2008|09:56pm]

Will knew immediately something was wrong. Scattered on the floor were the remains of a potted plant. Will stared, calculating, trying to decide if he had just walked into a crime scene or if he had somehow disturbed the vase without realizing it on his way out the door that morning.  Mindful of either possibility, he stepped around the debris and found that the rooms on either side of the entry had also been disturbed. The chairs were out of place around the dining room table, the standing lamp in the sitting room had been knocked over, and the ticking of the sitting room clock had been halted. Will craned his neck around the corner just to be sure and found the clock laying on the floor, in pieces.

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Secretary [30 Jun 2008|01:57am]
Ed came zipping out of his office, mentally multitasking on his way to his meeting. He dropped a file on my desk, saying, "Eileen, if you could post a copy of this to HR, thanks," and whizzed on by, inserting his cuff links.

"I beg your pardon?" I replied, stopping Ed in his tracks. He stared at me like I was crazy.

"Send that. To HR."

He was missing the point. "You called me Eileen."

There were a lot of things that could make Ed Autry lose his stride, but few that could so thoroughly shake him. For the briefest moment there was a look of sheer panic in his eyes. He quickly covered it up with fluster, then covered both expressions with a flourish of arrogance. "No I didn't," he scoffed. "You misheard me."

"I did not."

"Whatever, I don't have time--"

I stood and walked around my desk. Ed was rooted in place, not sure what I was doing or whether he should attempt to flee from it. He was more scared I would tell someone about his slip-up, I think, or continue to argue with him about it.

I did neither. I reached up and fixed his collar, tucking the blue of his shirt back into the linen of his jacket. I licked my finger and stood on my toes to flatten a potential cowlick. I peered closely for signs of dirt or grime on his face or loose hairs on his jacket. Satisfied, I settled back onto my heels. "I'll get that document to HR for you." I turned and went back to my desk.

"Ylaine--" He had not experienced such a moment with a woman in a long time, I believe, perhaps afraid that in some way he might find his sister in the women around him and mourn her absence even more. I did not encourage him with a smile or eyes soft with compassion. I practically glared back at him as I smoothed my skirt and sat in my chair.

"Did you need something else, sir?" I asked him.

Ed smiled. "No. See you later." Then he was out the door. I suspect he discovered that there was nothing wrong in finding pieces of his sister in other people. Doing so would not diminish her memory. It would keep her alive.

Things changed from that day forward. I became something more than an employee. Not quite a friend, but more than I had been before. For the first time, Ed respected me for more than my competency as a secretary. He respected me as a person. I would come to remember many things about my first job that were important to me, but none more so than the moment I transcended my job definition.
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Breakfast with Harry [29 Jun 2008|10:53pm]
I did not know the function of the alarm clock, not practically, so when I awoke it was late and to the sound of Sam's knocking. "Ylaine?"
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Ylaine and Miguel in the Kitchen (With the Gazpacho) [29 Jun 2008|10:47pm]
I might not have been interested in meeting "fantastic cook" Miguel, but I did meet him the next day. Sam was gone to work and I decided that it was pointless to spend the day in my room again, so I ventured down to the kitchens to see what the refrigerator might hold today. I have never much enjoyed surprises, but I was curious to learn the tastes associated with all the vast foods contained in my mental database. I wished to find out what foods I might like, and if other foods were preferable to casserole and eggs, and how best to maximize my intake of the requisite nutrients and vitamins a body requires for healthy growth.

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Chinese Production [23 Jun 2008|01:47pm]
[ mood | impish ]

Emma waltzed into the room wearing a velvet pirate costume coat with an imaginary fencing foil in her hand. Around her waist was a white sash, formerly the dining room table's lace runner, and in the sash was a small wooden bat. Boston hastily said, "Hold on a minute," and covered the phone. He looked at Emma.

"'Lo, Boston," she said, lunging at some invisible adversary, then twirling on her toe to avoid the return blow.

"Emma," said Boston warily, and continued watching. "On an adventure?"

"Aye, m'luv. Adventurin' high." It was a poor attempt at a pirate accent.

Boston intently studied the little wooden bat, wondering where it had come from. It didn't look familiar, but perhaps it had gotten snapped off something else, like an expensive antique chair. "What've you got there? In your belt?"

Emma looked down to see what Boston was talking about. "It's a bat. For fighting monsters. I'm a ninja."

Boston blinked, a smile forming on his face as he tried not to laugh. "Oh."

"Lia gave it to me," said Emma earnestly. "It's from a trophy. It's a nice bat."

"It is," agreed Boston.

"'Cept it's hollow. Anyway, have a nice day, dear." She waltzed back out.

Boston uncovered the phone. "What were you saying about Chinese production?"

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A New Direction [20 Jun 2008|01:35am]
Henceforth, this livejournal will be a story posting place, with lovely tags and things. Forget journaling! I suck at it anyway. Let the storytelling commence!

*ponders posting up NaNoWriMo here* If anyone would like to read it, leave me a comment.
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NaNoWriMo [03 Nov 2007|10:57pm]

50000 / 50000 words. 100% done!

Excerpts follow in the comments.
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At the movies [15 Sep 2006|11:57pm]
Whatever it was I was going to type about, let's shove it to next time.

This evening Ken and I went to see Half Nelson, a seriously good film.

But before that. Before that. Read more...Collapse )

In other film news, tomorrow is the screening of our student films from my program. If you're in Vancouver and have nothing better to do tomorrow at 4:30pm, details are in my dA journal at http://emperial.deviantart.com

I don't really expect a turnout, I actually was intending on showing up to prevent them from screening my film. I still have some minor edits to do. Ach. I'm just too worried. Aaron reassured me somewhat, that's all I really needed, you know? A bit of reassurance. So I am screening the film. Just with trepidation.

Potential next time topics: everything I intended to talk about this time but didn't, and the effects of melatonin on art.
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Good eyes [26 Nov 2005|07:11am]
So here I was watching an episode of BlackAdder from the first season which I hadn't seen before (they're always showing the third season on BBC or summat, never the first) and suddenly this Mad Gerald character pops up and I immediately go-- "WAITASEC. ONE MINUTE. THOSE EYES. THAT VOICE! RIK MAYALL!"


This is just like the time I was watching an episode of the Young Ones and I went -- "WAITASEC! THOSE EYES! THAT FACE! HUGH LAURIE!!!"


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[22 Nov 2005|01:44pm]
Here is my adaptation of the fanart100 challenge but for my own characters. Because why do fanart when I can draw my favorite boys and girls? <3

I'm not restricting myself to a single story because I don't want to neglect any one group of characters. I think that was my main problem with the fanart100 project -- I'd feel bad if I drew 100 pictures for one fandom/character and not for another. Instead I'm just going to try and take the word prompts as far as possible!

I'm am going to put on one restriction that I may not portray a single character more than three times. Because some of my characters... have enough love already!

EDIT: I've changed the table to reflect the one they're using over at myocs100 since I've decided to join that. :)

001. Morning 002. Noon 003. Afternoon 004. Twilight 005. Midnight
006. Winter 007. Spring 008. Summer 009. Autumn 010. Seasons
011. Minutes 012. Hours 013. Days 014. Months 015. Years
016. Red 017. Orange 018. Yellow 019. Green 020. Blue
021. Violet 022. Pink 023. Black 024. White 025. Gray
026. Rainbow 027. Colorless 028. Too big 029. Too small 030. Just right
031. Fire 032. Water 033. Wood 034. Metal 035. Earth
036. Air 037. Sun 038. Moon 039. Stars 040. Planet
041. Sunshine 042. Clouds 043. Rain 044. Lightning 045. Snow
046. Laughter 047. Love 048. Tears 049. Fury 050. Despair
051. Smiles 052. Determination 053. Content 054. Hello 055. Good-bye
056. Breakfast 057. Lunch 058. Dinner 059. Tea 060. Snack
061. Sight 062. Sound 063. Scent 064. Touch 065. Taste
066. Past 067. Present 068. Future 069. Forever 070. Never
071. Bedroom 072. Kitchen 073. Garden 074. Bath 075. Balcony
076. Promises 077. Regrets 078. Hopes 079. Dreams 080. Thoughts
081. Boy 082. Girl 083. Man 084. Woman 085. People
086. Friends 087. Teammates 088. Lovers 089. Rivals 090. Enemies
091. Artist's Choice 092. Artist's Choice 093. Artist's Choice 094. Artist's Choice 095. Artist's Choice
096. Artist's Choice 097. Artist's Choice 098. Artist's Choice 099. Artist's Choice 100. Artist's Choice
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Ponderings [22 Nov 2005|09:43am]
[ mood | blank ]

So I'm thinking about getting back in to the game playing around with my LJ here, maybe spruce it up or something. I'm also considering participating in the fanart100 thing except for a few problems.

1. What fandom?
Right now I'm really, really big into House, but I'm not confident in my ability to draw the characters, though I just did a sketch of Wilson (((WILSONNNN!<3))) I like. What fandom could I possibly pick that I could actually draw and stand to attempt to do 100 pics for?

2. 100 pics!?
Given all the other crap I'm supposed to do, how could I even consider trying to do 100 pics of fanart, of all things?

3. Subject matter
Some of those prompts... I just don't like. Really. I have no idea how I'd get any images darn with those words. I understand this is a challenge, but...

4. Personal Project
On the other hand, maybe I can just nick the thing and not to do it for a fandom, but do my own characters, since I don't mind doing screwy art of them and I'm sure I can think of all sorts of situations and images to match the prompts.

I don't know, should I try to do anything or doom myself to failure by quitting before I start?

It sounds cool but is this really something I have the time and energy for right now?

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Amusement [21 Sep 2004|01:27am]
The Potion Maker
teralinthium is a cloudy, porous white solid siphoned from the bile of a whale.
emperialium is a cloudy, frangible scarlet solid derived from the pollen of a stunted oak.
Mixing teralinthium with emperialium causes a violent chemical reaction, producing a milky ochre potion which gives the user protection from prying eyes.
Yet another fun meme brought to you by rfreebern

The Potion Maker
emperialium is a cloudy, frangible scarlet solid derived from the pollen of a stunted oak.
Mix with emperial! Username:
Yet another fun meme brought to you by rfreebern
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[14 Feb 2004|05:42pm]
Need to talk to somebody, but I can't. Going very badly insane.
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Artdate [06 Feb 2004|06:11am]
[ mood | artistic ]

Lessee, where did I leave off...

Daerinnid Chronicles:
http://www.drowtales.com/ua/daer/torvwynkakiport - Torvwyn oekaki portrait, pretty okay, except really screwy!

http://www.drowtales.com/ua/album36/allessandra - Erg...

Gaia stuff:
http://www.drowtales.com/ua/album189/ceres_sama - hum.
http://www.drowtales.com/ua/album189/blackghost - *shrug*
http://www.drowtales.com/ua/album189/justplainjoef - cool!
http://www.drowtales.com/ua/album189/justplainjoef1 - alternate version
http://www.drowtales.com/ua/album189/justplainjoe_pg - woo!
http://www.drowtales.com/ua/album189/justplainjoe_sexy - WOOO! Warning: near-nudity. You have been warned.
http://www.drowtales.com/ua/album189/artshop - my artshop banner XD
http://www.drowtales.com/ua/album189/blueness - Suave.
http://www.drowtales.com/ua/album189/patra - Hm!
http://www.drowtales.com/ua/album189/sassypeanut - Hm...
http://www.drowtales.com/ua/album189/goddess10192 - cute, but scary!
http://www.drowtales.com/ua/album189/fenris - Niiice hair
http://www.drowtales.com/ua/album189/camillehyperionskc - I really like this! O_O
http://www.drowtales.com/ua/album189/isaskc - Cool.
http://www.drowtales.com/ua/album189/izzyisdizzy - Nice enough.
http://www.drowtales.com/ua/album189/liveenaskc - Hrm...
http://www.drowtales.com/ua/album189/jade_chanskc - okay.
http://www.drowtales.com/ua/album189/sonnyskc - This I like. ^^

Have more stuff, will get to it all in due time!

Had to use my holiday money to buy a bloody school book, it was $85 T_T

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Lovely day [22 Jan 2004|12:39am]
I just want to say, today was wonderful, thanks to everyone who made it so, dinner with family was lovely, TV was lovely, the SKIES, oh how I love Miami's skies... beautiful sunset, and beautiful clouds today in general. It rained, and I ran through it, and then it stopped, and it was so quiet on the way back...

And, of course... xxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxx xxxxxx! Fwee.

Not to mention some really funny stuff on Adult Swim this evening, including two MASH parodies. And did I mention four episodes of Quantum Leap on Scifi today? Ahh, Scott Bakula...

xxxxx-xxx xxxxxxxxx xx-xx-xxxx xxxx. ^^ x xxxxx xxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxx xx.
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[21 Jan 2004|12:51am]
12:51 am! 5+1=6! 126! 126!

I swear, I should just drop the journaling pretense and make this a record of my bizarre encounters with the number 126. Especially those encounters which don't involve my computer clock... ^^;;;; I swear, the number pops up in other places all the time, too. There was another instance of it recently outside of the computer, but I can't remember what it is.

EDIT: DAMN IT ALL TO... This whole time, I didn't have Tami friended!?!?!? *bangs head* I swear, I thought I did! No wonder her entries didn't show up on my friends page ever, at all! I am such a freaking genius.

And emme, too. O_O Sorry, guys, I can't believe I was missing two of my favorite people on my friends list like that.
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