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So I'm thinking about getting back in to the game playing around with my LJ here, maybe spruce it up or something. I'm also considering participating in the fanart100 thing except for a few problems.

1. What fandom?
Right now I'm really, really big into House, but I'm not confident in my ability to draw the characters, though I just did a sketch of Wilson (((WILSONNNN!<3))) I like. What fandom could I possibly pick that I could actually draw and stand to attempt to do 100 pics for?

2. 100 pics!?
Given all the other crap I'm supposed to do, how could I even consider trying to do 100 pics of fanart, of all things?

3. Subject matter
Some of those prompts... I just don't like. Really. I have no idea how I'd get any images darn with those words. I understand this is a challenge, but...

4. Personal Project
On the other hand, maybe I can just nick the thing and not to do it for a fandom, but do my own characters, since I don't mind doing screwy art of them and I'm sure I can think of all sorts of situations and images to match the prompts.

I don't know, should I try to do anything or doom myself to failure by quitting before I start?

It sounds cool but is this really something I have the time and energy for right now?
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